My Story

Tina has been involved in spiritual practice

since picking up her first set of tarot cards

nearly three decades ago.


At 21 she began working at a metaphysical shop performing psychic readings and began her study of reiki and meditation. She soon began teaching the tarot, runes, meditation and after receiving her reiki master certification and several years of performing reiki treatments she began to teach, and has certified hundreds of reiki masters over the years.

She began practicing yoga and delved deeper into meditation and reiki in order to heal from traumatic domestic abuse which had left her with severe depression. The abuse left her weighing over 500 lbs with a myriad of health problems. Due to limited mobility, Tina began practicing yin and restorative yoga and found the beauty, fluidity, and meditative qualities embraced the body-mind connection she had been searching for. This moving meditation, along with a mindful ketogenic diet, allowed her to begin to lose weight, become healthy… and heal.

Along with her reiki master certification, she is a certified yoga teacher, life coach, ketogenic diet coach, and personal trainer, dedicating her life to healing, connecting with her students, finding new depths of the connection of the body, mind, and spirit. The most important lesson she has learned over the years is that she is forever a student, and she is constantly expanding her experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice by continuing to learn from her favorite teachers, her students, and striving to bring yoga and reiki into everyday life by truly living it, allowing peace and joy to flourish within and spread to others.


Tina specializes in working with victims of trauma and depression, as well as those who need special consideration due to age, physical or emotional issues. She utilizes gentle yoga styles that are accessible and customizable to all levels and interests. Combining her reiki training, meditation, yin and restorative yoga with her own style, her gentle flow-styled class, and teaching methods blends proper alignment, healthy breath awareness, and the encouragement of a safe environment to celebrate life.

She decided to start a website when she moved to the Florida Panhandle due to the lack of yoga, reiki, and other energy classes in the community. She now shares her life and her knowledge through her website: TinaTaylor.Me and the Seva Energy Guild, where the price is never a hindrance to healing.

In addition to her class time, Tina is also available for individual consultation and private lessons. She has successfully worked with individuals with weight, fitness, physical and emotional challenges. Combining personal insight, precise teachings, and humor she holds the deepest intention to awaken others to their own healing power and to experience the joy of living more fully thru energy work.

In her free time, you will find her designing clothing for the theater, cosplay, and yoga, designing jewelry, being judged by her rescue kitty, and attempting the seemingly impossible task of growing flowers in her sandy garden.

©2021 by Tina Taylor