I practice and teach Gentle Yoga, which includes Yin and Restorative Yoga, and is tailored for all bodies, and all abilities, to help foster self-confidence and allow us to make peace with, appreciate, and truly love our bodies. 


Yoga benefits all bodies, regardless of their size, age, shape, or ability.

The roots of Yoga are Spiritual, and sadly it has become an asana-based practice reserved exclusively for the entitled few. My Gentle Yoga initially came about because of my own specific needs: I'm over 50, chubby, with severe osteoarthritis. Yoga saved my mobility!

As a Body Positive Yoga Instructor, all my classes are designed for everyone, and their specific body and needs.

I am currently working on a series of Gentle Yoga videos for beginners.

I'm available for private instruction on a sliding scale.

I'd love to chat about your specific needs!

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RYT 200 Certified

Restorative Yoga Teacher Certified

Ayurveda Certified

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Yin Yoga Teacher Certified

I am so proud to have received my certifications from this wonderful school!

If you are looking to further your Yoga practice and teach, I recommend these wonderful people!

Accessible Yoga Association Ambassador