Psychic Readings

I have been performing psychic readings for over 30 years.

Please see my About for detailed information on my experience.

I am offering a limited amount of phone readings at the special price of

$50 per half hour, or $40 per half hour via Gmail Chat.


I've made my course available on several platforms.

Each platform includes the full Reiki 1-Master manual, videos, attunement, certificate, and lineage.


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The in-depth of information this course provided was just fabulous. I have got a great idea of how to start practicing Reiki daily and to bring it into mine and my families lives. Namaste

J.S.. - Udemy Student

I'm amazed how much information there is in this course and am really enjoying it so far. Thank you very much. It's amazingly generous for the price.

J.W. - Udemy Student

I I am learning invaluable information and growing in my understanding of Reiki. The teacher’s voice is very soothing yet passionate about the subject materials.

C.N.S. - Udemy Student


I've already taken Reiki 1 / 2 and have been attuned, can I just take the Master level? - My course was designed as a full Reiki 1-Master course, and each of the levels flows into each other seamlessly. Because I don't know the teaching you previously received, I do require you to take all three levels to receive your Master Level Attunement.

Will I receive an attunement after each Reiki Level? - If you plan on going right through to the Master Level, only the Master Level Attunement is necessary; however, if you plan to take your time between levels, or just would like the 1 & 2 attunements, I will happily perform them for you.


Is there an additional cost for the Attunements or Certificate? - Nope! It's all included in the initial course fee. (If you choose to have the Reiki 1 & 2 attunements done separately, there is NO extra charge for those either).

Am I required to purchase anything else for the course? - Nope! Not at all. I give lots of options for everyday items you can use to enhance your practice. I do offer Reiki items and artwork in my Etsy shop. They aren't necessary to purchase, but they do allow me to continue to offer this course at such a low price, (Plus, they're one-of-a-kind works of art, that are affordably priced!)

How is the Attunement performed? - Each attunement is performed personally by me via a 20-minute appointment. I do NOT schedule more than one at a time or do any group attunements. they are all personally done.

Can I use your materials to teach? - I don't mind you using my course in your own Reiki classes, as long as you give proper credit. I DO ask that you require your students to purchase my book on their own. I have put a lot of work into this course, and because I offer it at such a low price when you factor in the amount of time I spend with the individual attunement and creating the certificates and lineage alone, I don't make any money on the course itself. Please refer to the links above to order the book! Please contact me directly for bulk orders.