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When I first began searching for an energy community many moons ago, I found it difficult, if not impossible, to find offerings and teachings that I could afford. I had read all there was to read on my own, and knew it was time to move on to more structured teachings. I was in my 20s when I found a very small metaphysical shop in Upstate NY who had dedicated staff and teachers who offered trainings, readings and information for free and by donation for those with limited income. Their mantra was “Money should never stand in the way of your Spiritual growth”. It left a lasting impression on me, and I have adopted the philosophy of Seva, (selfless service). I have sought out many amazing teachers with the same values, and have dreamed of creating a Guild that promoted this philosophy. 

The Seva Energy Guild is in its early stages, and it has begun to take on a life of its own. (I would love your input as it grows!) The Seva Energy Guild (SEG) runs completely on energy exchange at this time. 


The monthly requirement is one act of Seva that will benefit the Guild or the community. This can include: writing an article, form, pamphlet, a free or pay what you can offering of a class or treatment. This can be for an individual, or in a class setting. A Youtube video or recording of a class or meditation is also appropriate, as is spiritual artwork, inspirational memes you’ve created, or come up with your own idea! 


What do Guild members receive?


A Listing on the Guild website.

  • Publicity for your professional services and offerings. This can include a picture, logo, and contact information, as well as your website and blog. 

  • References, with confirmation you are a Registered Energy Worker Professional with the Seva Energy Guild.

  • Certificate of Membership with your own unique membership number, and the ability to use Seva Energy Guild exclusive graphics on your website and services.


Member Resources and Business Tools

  • Access to sample client forms, brochures, policy samples, and other business tools and  exclusive paperwork archives. 

  • Helpful articles written by other Seva Energy Guild members.


A True Energy Worker Community. 

  • Know that your voice is heard and counted in the Energy Worker community.

  • The ability to help the Energy Worker community to work together, for the benefit of all independent Energy Workers.

  • Recognition as a Practitioner, Teacher, and/or Master who practices Seva.

If this is something you would be interested in, I would LOVE to have you as one of my founding members! I will limit this to 20 members, and all of your SEG graphics will have this title for as long as you’re a member! There may be a time in the future, depending on how this grows, where I may ask for a nominal membership fee in addition to the Seva requirement, but as a founding member this will NEVER apply to you. If you're interested in Joining, please send an inquiry to: